Justin and Faith Proposal

This engagement film I made has been one of the most memorable filming experiences I’ve had. When I called Justin to ask him and Faith to be subjects for a demo I had in mind, he mentioned that he wanted to take the opportunity to propose since he had already discussed this with her dad a few days before and gotten his approval. After several weeks of planning the surprise engagement we finally filmed it this past Saturday. We started filming in a field that was generously provided to us by a kind man (Hardy Leblanc) who even let us use his ’58 Chevy. For the night scene we went back to my property with candles and torches lighting up trails that led to the clearing we have in the middle of our woods. All this time, Faith had no idea that Justin was going to propose or that more than 50 people were arriving at my house to celebrate with them while we were in back filming. What is captured at the end is the actual proposal and her reactions- she said yes by the way. The end of the film shows friends and family arriving and surprising her.