New Wedding Trends

All women dream of their wedding day.  But as the years pass by, those traditional ceremonies which women envisioned get left behind. Weddings are supposed to be memorable. – starting from the bride’s hair, makeup, gown, event venue, food, and the ceremony as a whole.

If you’re about to tie the knot and feeling more creative than usual, going with a new wedding trend and dishing away the normal might be ideal for you. Take note, though, although these new trends are being practiced in different parts of the world, it doesn’t mean that the traditional wedding ceremony is discouraged. You can still have the same classy ceremony, just with a twist or a tweak.

Here are some new wedding trends:

Drone Photography

The traditional pre-nuptial shots were so yesterday. Today, modern photographers and videographers take advantage of drones to help take breathtaking images – at a bird’s viewpoint. And, personally I use a drone when filming a wedding.  Here’s an example of a wedding where I started off with footage from my drone camera.

The Bridesmaid Duties

Remember when bridesmaids and/or the maid of honor helped the bride with all her planning? They would help pick out the dress and schedule appointments with vendors, etc. Although this can still be done, modern technology makes it easier for you (and your bridesmaids) to plan your wedding.

There are lots of mobile apps available to help you plan your wedding – even choose your honeymoon destination and itinerary. Literally, apps can manage your wedding a whole lot easier for you. This means that you get to spend more time with your girlfriends, instead of running around like crazy.

Three Dresses Instead Of Two

Traditional brides would prepare two dresses – a gown for the main ceremony, and a lighter version of the gown for the reception.  A new trend is a third dress that you wear when departing the ceremony.  This is usually a casual white dress.  There are no rules – it’s your wedding. Wear your third dress for departing your wedding and arriving at your honeymoon location.

These are just a few of the latest trends in weddings.  Bottom line is for you to do whatever you want because it’s your day!

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