Wedding Surprise – Part 2

As promised from the earlier blog post, I will reveal which two weddings in Maroon 5’s Sugar music video were real.  At 3:20 and 3:23 you first get a glimpse of the real weddings.  They come in out as the music video progresses.  If you look closely, the wedding guests in the real weddings have their iPhones out and are filming the impromptu concert.  Wouldn’t you start filming if Maroon 5 showed up at your event?

I also promised to list some creative ways a groom can surprise his bride on their wedding day.  Below are just a few suggestions:

  • Love Notes – Write several love notes and coordinate with each bridesmaid to deliver them at certain times during the day.
  • Basket of Favorites – Have a basket delivered to your bride full of her favorite things. Each item should have a tag attached declaring your love for shoes
  • Surprise Video – Have a video made with pictures of you two, the proposal (if you had it filmed), and other images and show it at the reception as a surprise.
  • Message on her Shoes – Leave her a message written on the bottom of her wedding shoes.
  • Dance – If you enjoy performing, grab your groomsmen and choreograph a dance routine to one of her favorite songs.
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